About Us


Our Story

RESET My Space was born in 2020, the time of pandemic where everyone just stays at home and practices extreme cleaning and thorough disinfection daily. This is then that I realized that physical cleaning is not enough, space and energy clearing are also vital to keep our place clean, sanitized and peaceful.

As a Reiki practitioner, I have set my intentions to  also include this service —  Energy Space Clearing upon request and permission of our Clients.

                Lera Padua – Owner, Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner

Our Mission

To Clean the Space and make a Happy Place for our clients. — We simply intends to provide an efficient and honest cleaning system to our clients 

 To provide sustainable careers for our team and RESET the old style of cleaning and hiring people.  — This simply means  that we employ providing them with fair incentives plan and protection.

In the time of crisis and uncertainties where a lot of business opportunities are lost, we are here to bounce back and to provide a decent livelihood to our team.

RESET aims to operate on responsible business practices both to our clients and team members. 
Ultimately, we believe that providing a good customer experience, quality and safe cleaning solutions and staff development are the reasons why we are inspired to provide honest cleaning services.